With the NFL being in the playoffs, the fan excitement is everywhere. People are putting themselves in the best teams' shoes and all on Android. EA Sports fans that don't currently own it now have the perfect opportunity, as the best football game on the Android Market is now $.99 instead of $5! This makes it the best deal around.

Madden 12 is optimized for tablet users, but I have heard of people playing it on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and some of the newer Android smart phones without any issues.

Madden 12

A good thing to remember is that you will want WiFi enabled after you buy and download it, because after its 5MB download size, there is another 300+ MB of game data to download before you can play. If you are on a limited data plan, this can fill up your allowed quota relatively effortlessly, but find a place to download it soon before the deal is over! It's only for a limited time, don't miss out.

It's hard to not be biased, being a football jock and all plus EA Sports enthusiast, but 4 out of 5 is a fair rating. It is phenomenal, and it is definitely above the standards of a new Madden game. However, being on a touch screen device, provides glitches. It isn't the smoothest game, and it brings back the annoyance of the early Madden series for Playstation and "Stickiness" with the AI.

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