There is a brand new game that is bouncing into our Android phones. The name is Stumpd, a casual game that allows you to flick and bounce a ball to hit as many stumps as possible. It's based on the game "Cricket" and it is very addicting.

If you have ever played "Paper Toss" it is the same concept. You have a "Spin" amount that is relative to the air current in Paper Toss.

The challenge is how consistent can you be with random variables. And from an intellectual standpoint, is very appealing. It isn't just a mindless game that you play to pass time, it is a game that you test your intellectual consistencies with.

I give Stumpd a 3.5 out of 5. It's a very fun game and I play it occasionally, but I feel that the graphics aren't stunning like any app nowadays needs to be. I also wish there was an extra point system to knocking down all of the sticks instead of one.

Stumpd is 100% free. No trial version that limits your game play with the option to upgrade to the paid version. It's just free.

So to all of you challenge seekers, problem solvers, cricket lovers, or even Android game app advocates, go to the market and try it out. Leave some feedback. Be an Android ally.

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