You're in your car, driving to the ends of the earth, and the same song that played four minutes ago comes back on. It's the third time. Right now is a great time to turn the radio off, park your car, get on the Android Market, and search for Pandora Radio for Android.

After you do that, proceed to plugging in your headphone car adapter, plug in your phone, and turn it on. Lets face it, you won't find a better radio than that.

Pandora Radio is by far the best online radio around. It's been around for a while, and it's like the Stumbleupon of radios. You type in what song or artist you like, listen to some songs, hit thumbs up or thumbs down if you like or dislike it, and Pandora adapts. After two or three times of hitting thumbs down on Justin Bieber, you won't hear another little girls singing about babies.

Pandora Radio Android App Review

If you aren't set in stone as of right now, let me clear the air.

Pandora Radio gets a 5 out of 5. It is more that deserving judging by the fact that it's on my Top-10 App Essentials list, and the fact that it saves you from repetitive over-played songs. There's no bugs, no glitches, nothing but the occasional advertisement. And if you reach your song skipping limit then just exit and reopen your Pandora Radio for more skips.

To download the app, just click on the Pandora icon on the right, it's free. From there, open the app and install. Then type in your favorite song and start listening to hours and hours of great streaming music.

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