With every Android smart phone you get the "essentials" that I call bloatware. As you all know, it comes with a default music, camera, gallery, GPS, and other apps that you can find replacements of in the Android Market app store. It is from my personal experiences that I have found the 10 top rated Android apps (most of which are free) you wont want to be caught dead without.

Android Market

You're in your car, driving to the ends of the earth, and the same song that played four minutes ago comes back on. It's the third time. Right now is a great time to turn the radio off, park your car, get on the Android Market, and search for Pandora Radio for Android.

After you do that, proceed to plugging in your headphone car adapter, plug in your phone, and turn it on. Lets face it, you won't find a better radio than that.

Pandora Radio is by far the best online radio around. It's been around for a while, and it's like the Stumbleupon of radios. You type in what song or artist you like, listen to some songs, hit thumbs up or thumbs down if you like or dislike it, and Pandora adapts. After two or three times of hitting thumbs down on Justin Bieber, you won't hear another little girls singing about babies.

Pandora Radio Android App Review

If you aren't set in stone as of right now, let me clear the air.

Pandora Radio gets a 5 out of 5. It is more that deserving judging by the fact that it's on my Top-10 App Essentials list, and the fact that it saves you from repetitive over-played songs. There's no bugs, no glitches, nothing but the occasional advertisement. And if you reach your song skipping limit then just exit and reopen your Pandora Radio for more skips.

To download the app, just click on the Pandora icon on the right, it's free. From there, open the app and install. Then type in your favorite song and start listening to hours and hours of great streaming music.

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Top 10 Free Android Game Apps

We all know that essentially everyone knows what Angry Birds is. It's everybody's favorite Android game.What you don't know is how far it's come.

Angry Birds is a physics game on the Android market where a bunch of pigs steal bird eggs from a bunch of different types of birds. The birds get angry, hence the name Angry Birds. You are in control of their retaliation. They want you to sling shot them into as many pigs as you can, and once you do that, you can go onto the next level.

The reason it's so addictive is the fact that there are thousands of levels and challenges to match. After all of the levels are completed, you have the opportunity to get 3 stars (a certain amount of points from hitting the pigs and knocking stuff down gets you stars) for each level. Then if you do that, there are different versions of the game to play.

What has recently come to my attention is the fact that Angry Birds has evolved into a franchise. Shirts and other clothing lines now hold the Angry Birds logo on it, and even the games themselves have evolved into a more glossy and realistic with wood textures and caged birds.

Angry Birds is worthy of a 5 out of 5 rating. I believe this because they are worked so hard and long on this game for it to blossom that they have efficiently fixed any possible cracks that would weigh it down, like bugs or compatibility issues with certain Android smart phones

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Top 10 Free Android Game Apps

The past couple of days I came across my old Play Station 1 (PSX in the internet realm). After I played it for about a half an hour I got an idea.

What if I could play this on my Android smart phone. After little searching I discovered something known as an emulator. People have changed the compatibilities of the greatest classics of all time, such as the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PSX, and more!

After finding that out I quickly took the steps to transferring my PSX BIOS from my Play Station to my phone and got in the game.

*I do not condone illegal methods of using Emulators and ROMs to pirate games you have not purchased.

Android Emulators
 After you transfer your BIOS to your phone, you need to grab your CD or find the respective ROM online. From there you can enjoy hours of fun on the go with any of your favorite games as a child or even current favorites.

If you are looking for ROMs of games for your Android phone you currently have go to www.roms4droid.com and start searching. No root required!

Due to the versatile nature of emulators, they deserve a 5 out of 5. There are so many different versions and apps for each game emulator, that there really isn't a con to any part of it, other than you legally need the game in order to not be at fault of infringement.

I have yet to try an emulator that I have not enjoyed, and I have tried a ton.

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Lair Defense: The Best Thing Since ROBO Defense

With the NFL being in the playoffs, the fan excitement is everywhere. People are putting themselves in the best teams' shoes and all on Android. EA Sports fans that don't currently own it now have the perfect opportunity, as the best football game on the Android Market is now $.99 instead of $5! This makes it the best deal around.

Madden 12 is optimized for tablet users, but I have heard of people playing it on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and some of the newer Android smart phones without any issues.

Madden 12

A good thing to remember is that you will want WiFi enabled after you buy and download it, because after its 5MB download size, there is another 300+ MB of game data to download before you can play. If you are on a limited data plan, this can fill up your allowed quota relatively effortlessly, but find a place to download it soon before the deal is over! It's only for a limited time, don't miss out.

It's hard to not be biased, being a football jock and all plus EA Sports enthusiast, but 4 out of 5 is a fair rating. It is phenomenal, and it is definitely above the standards of a new Madden game. However, being on a touch screen device, provides glitches. It isn't the smoothest game, and it brings back the annoyance of the early Madden series for Playstation and "Stickiness" with the AI.

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Lair Defense: The Best Thing Since ROBO Defense
Top 10 Free Android Game Apps

Finally there is adequate competition for the powerhouse of the Android gaming market, ROBO Defense, and it's name is Lair Defense.

Lair Defense
After reviewing this game for the past week, I have successfully replaced ROBO Defense in my ranks as my favorite tower defense.

Think of this game as an RPG TD, you have bonuses that cost coin to upgrade making it unique and customizable. The only catch is that the really good upgrades, have prerequisites. It makes for a lot of game hours.

You're probably thinking, "Get real, ROBO Defense is as good as it gets."
You'll just have to see for yourself.


You have 3 Dragon towers to choose from.
  • Fire Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Poison Dragon
The Fire Dragon is your typical AOE tower, shorter range high attack speed.
The Ice Dragon slows a little and initially attacks twice with right attack range.
And the Poison Dragon poisons and has moderate attack speed and range with high attack damage.

You have two spells that cost mana (another way this is a more diverse TD). One is an ice spell that freezes all enemy humans, and one is an AOE high damaging fire spell.

Main Objective:

Protect your 3 eggs (there is an upgrade available for the right coin to increase the number). The game has a storyline that talks about the humans and dragons living in harmony, until a human rules was told a dragon's egg will make you live forever. It's been war ever since. Stop the humans from killing your offspring.


All in all, I really enjoy this game. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5, its sound gets annoying. As for repetitiveness, it does a really good job at keeping everything fresh. There are a measly 15 waves with different units, and a good amount of new levels to keep it new. The graphics are just flat out amazing.

If you don't have the Android game app, you're missing out. Here's a link for convenience.

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Now On Android: Video Chat On The Go
Top 10 Free Android Game Apps

Skype, the world's largest web-chatting company is now mobile. For any Android that has a front facing camera, there is Skype.

The reason I am just now posting an article on the topic is, tegra-2 mobile devices (dual core processing) did not have the ability to access Skype. Recently, that has changed. Now we all are free to enjoy conversations with someone without having the stare at a wall.

Skype from the Android Market

This wonderful app is completely free, and available on any service provider. It is up there with the popular Google Talk and Qik.

3.5 out of 5. I like how easy it is to use and I like what it's about, but there are a lot of bugs that the developers just aren't fixing. It seems difficult to start a video chat and if you have any parameter restrictions like auto locked screen you could run into issues. I still enjoy it, however.

If you already have Skype on your computer (which is now owned by Microsoft [fun fact]) and friends you wish you could chat with while you're on your routine, get it from the market.
Don't take my word for it, check it out!

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