Finally there is adequate competition for the powerhouse of the Android gaming market, ROBO Defense, and it's name is Lair Defense.

Lair Defense
After reviewing this game for the past week, I have successfully replaced ROBO Defense in my ranks as my favorite tower defense.

Think of this game as an RPG TD, you have bonuses that cost coin to upgrade making it unique and customizable. The only catch is that the really good upgrades, have prerequisites. It makes for a lot of game hours.

You're probably thinking, "Get real, ROBO Defense is as good as it gets."
You'll just have to see for yourself.


You have 3 Dragon towers to choose from.
  • Fire Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Poison Dragon
The Fire Dragon is your typical AOE tower, shorter range high attack speed.
The Ice Dragon slows a little and initially attacks twice with right attack range.
And the Poison Dragon poisons and has moderate attack speed and range with high attack damage.

You have two spells that cost mana (another way this is a more diverse TD). One is an ice spell that freezes all enemy humans, and one is an AOE high damaging fire spell.

Main Objective:

Protect your 3 eggs (there is an upgrade available for the right coin to increase the number). The game has a storyline that talks about the humans and dragons living in harmony, until a human rules was told a dragon's egg will make you live forever. It's been war ever since. Stop the humans from killing your offspring.


All in all, I really enjoy this game. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5, its sound gets annoying. As for repetitiveness, it does a really good job at keeping everything fresh. There are a measly 15 waves with different units, and a good amount of new levels to keep it new. The graphics are just flat out amazing.

If you don't have the Android game app, you're missing out. Here's a link for convenience.

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