The past couple of days I came across my old Play Station 1 (PSX in the internet realm). After I played it for about a half an hour I got an idea.

What if I could play this on my Android smart phone. After little searching I discovered something known as an emulator. People have changed the compatibilities of the greatest classics of all time, such as the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PSX, and more!

After finding that out I quickly took the steps to transferring my PSX BIOS from my Play Station to my phone and got in the game.

*I do not condone illegal methods of using Emulators and ROMs to pirate games you have not purchased.

Android Emulators
 After you transfer your BIOS to your phone, you need to grab your CD or find the respective ROM online. From there you can enjoy hours of fun on the go with any of your favorite games as a child or even current favorites.

If you are looking for ROMs of games for your Android phone you currently have go to and start searching. No root required!

Due to the versatile nature of emulators, they deserve a 5 out of 5. There are so many different versions and apps for each game emulator, that there really isn't a con to any part of it, other than you legally need the game in order to not be at fault of infringement.

I have yet to try an emulator that I have not enjoyed, and I have tried a ton.

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